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Our new Sea Kayak – the Pioneer!

Our new Sea Kayak – the Pioneer!

Jun 11, 2022


Tim Taylor

The Pioneer is the latest kayak to join our fleet. We found the mould for this kayak sitting under a tree in someones backyard, so we a fair bit of love (hard work) we managed to bring it back up to our topnotch standard and have it back in production.

On the water: we think this will suit someone who's looking for a fast and agile sea kayak. At 545mm wide, it's not as wide as our other models, so it tracks through the water extremely well and maintains quite a high forward speed. It also has a bit of rocker to it's hull so you're able to use the rails for turning if you know what you're doing.

Storage: this kayak has quite a unique rear hatch which has been specifically designed for stowing longer items like tents and fishing rods. The front deck we've kept clean because it's so long it's actually quite hard to reach. We did add a Kajaksport day box which is great for storing smaller items like keys, sunblock, or safety items.

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