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Buy this if you want the best Coast 2 Coast racing vest!

This is a great vest for racing (perfect for coast to coast and complies with their requirements), with lots of pockets including a huge rear pocket for your drinks bladder. The vest is perfectly formed for racing, lightweight and comfortable to wear. There is also a foam block on the front of the vest that allows you to set up your drinks tube from the rear pocket and have it right in front of you so you can drink without taking your hands off the paddle. The vest is fast and easy to put on over your head and very light weight for those long races. 55N of buoyancy (type 406 specialist PFD that complies with NZS standard). Details:
  • One size fits most
  • Available in red, yellow, high vis orange, and pink
  • Coast to Coast Compliant

Tims' Note: I wore this PFD while completing my 24 Hour Guinness World Record. To this day I still race with it as I absolutely love how comfortable it is. It's all I could ever want in a racing lifejacket. 


We work on a 3-4 week turnaround. In many cases we will be able to supply before the three weeks is up however, these are a hand-made product so they do take time to produce and we often have multiple orders in the system. we will advise you of an eta at the time of ordering.

Shipping and Pickup

We are based in Mount Maunganui and kayaks can be picked up directly from my workshop. Shipping throughout NZ and the world and will be charged at cost. Please ask for an estimate.

Colours Fiberglass

All fiberglass kayaks come with a white hull. This looks smart and doesn't show up as many scratches caused by rocks. The deck can be either a single, block colour (great if you want to display sponsors logo's) or your choice of two colours that are faded together. Please note that the colours are mixed in with the resin at the time of laying up the kayak so not everything is possible. At the time of ordering we will discuss the options with you and make recommendations if necessary.  

Composite Colours

Our composite kayaks have a white hull. If you would like a clear hull (to show off the beauty of the fibres) please be aware that micro bubbles and resin pockets may be visible. The deck is your choice of colour just like the fiberglass model. We prefer to have this coloured to prevent the sun from heating it up too much but if you wish I can also do the top with a clear coat.